Frequently Asked Questions
What is Orgplaza?
OrgPlaza is an online peer-to-peer marketplace focused on making connections between organizations and communities. Our goal is to build a community where you can buy, sell, and connect effortlessly. For example, if you want to sell your merchandise to other organizations at school, at work, or anywhere, OrgPlaza has you covered.

What schools currently have access to OrgPlaza?
We allow accounts to be created for email addresses from:
  • Missouri University of Science & Technology
If your school is not on the list, you can contact us to request access for your school.

How do I start?
First, create an account. Then, you will be able to create as many organizations as you want. Finally, you can choose what you want to list and which organization you would like to list it under.

I created an organization, but it's not showing up on My Organizations. What gives?
Right now we are verifying each organization manually before allowing them to be published. Your request for a new organization will be approved or denied within 48 hours. If it is not, please contact us.

Can I add anyone if I am an organization owner?
Right now, you can only add people who are at the same school as you.

Are people from other schools able to purchase my items and how can I allow them to do it?
Not yet, but you can be sure this is coming. Eventually, you will be able to buy and sell all over the country, which could help your organization raise money.

Can I use Venmo to pay?
Not yet, but we are working hard to make this happen.

Am I still in charge of distribution?
As of right now, you will be in charge of distribution.

How do I get money from people who ordered from my listing?
Each person that orders from your listing will be required to input an organization that they wish to charge from. It will then be your responsibility to collect money from these organizations. If you cannot get into contact with an individual or organization that ordered from your listing, please let us know and we will try to arbitrate the issue.